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We like stories – and we really like Nordic mythology. The whole concept and understanding of the Nordics have always been inspiring to us. The idea was to lead the world out of the power of wisdom and beauty. Although the forces were always in their favor, they chose to lead smoothly and without war (this was not always the case). We chose to improve green urban transportation sector with 3 foundations: wisdom, power and beauty. And that’s what leads us in every product and model. Clover family names are derived from Nordic metrology and each name has clear messages about the final product.

Fairy tales do exist. But our story became a legend. Our story evolves from passion and the need for change. We discovered the need to change urban travel into a commute without any hassle or stress. This need and passion evolved into nonstop experience and gaining knowledge around the urban eco-friendly commute world, where we became one of the pioneers in the field. Then everything evolved into Clover: our legend. We are firm believers in environmentally-friendly transportation. We do not compromise quality. We incorporate cutting edge technology and great design to each of our urban travel creations. We aim to match each rider’s style and personality to the product. Clover is not just our work, it’s our mission to pursue. With Clover we understand that this it is not about where you come from, but where you are headed.

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At Clover, we believe your commute should be one of the best parts of your day. Because of this, we have embarked upon a quest to develop a radical form of transport that revives/revitalizes our native human desire for movement. We’ve created a vehicle that utilizes your natural balance and instincts in a revolutionary way. Not just physically, but one that changes your perception of motion and totally transforms the way you travel. Standing is intuitive for all of us, and this fundamental posture allows you to stabilize the Clover with your entire body for maximum control. 

By using your own internal coordination, the Clover fuses with your body allowing for a comfortable and familiar ride. Separate yourself from the slow daily commute and be amazed at how much faster you get to where you need to be. Glide, hover, and cruise through the city while you let go and experience the freedom of true exploration. Our company has a singular focus: to revolutionize urban travel. Lightweight yet powerful, the Clover scooter is unparalleled in style and runs on cutting edge technology that maximizes energy efficiency. Assembled in America, the reliable and innovative Clover is the smartest choice to revolutionize your daily travel.


Asaf Dovrin
Director of business development, marketing and sales

Marital Status: Married + 2 

Asaf’s most common Quotes:
For dreams to come true, you need planning and persistence
You don’t just need to think outside the box – you need a larger box
Every customer should have a product to fit his needs. A happy customer is the best marketing a company can have

Asaf will do everything to make sure that our customers and business partners receive the right product and best service.

Nuriel (Nuri) Azizi
Director of Finance and Operations

Marital Status: Married + 1

Nuri’s most common Quotes:
Quality is the best business plan
Failing to plan is planning to fail
Always deliver more than expected

Nuri is a fond believe of the need for planification. He believes that good planning is bringing the future into the present. His beliefs make his success in managing the operations of the company.

Tomer Yaish
Director of Product Development

Marital Status: Married + 2

Tomer’s most common Quotes:
Whatever you are thinking, think bigger
Always strive for excellence, and nothing less
Doing something is not enough. It must be done right

Tomer’s life-mission is to bring the future to riders today. He is working to make sure our riders get the best experience they can get.


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